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Spirit Snowed In

From The Bound Spirit Series universe:

Yara is snowed in at a cottage off the coast of Scotland with Aidrian, the attractive but grumpy witch, Omar, a macaw shifter who’s as sexy as he’s sarcastic, two gorgeous twin selkies, Firth and Coire, and Kaito, their vampire boyfriend who’s hot as hell and down for group sex.

The holidays are fast approaching, tensions are running high, and Yara is feeling homesick. While Aidrian and Omar are at each other’s throats, the twins put together a surprise to cheer her up. A surprise that’s a whole lot sexier than any of them planned… well, except for maybe the vampire. This is one new holiday tradition that’s not family friendly.


“Keep your bloody beak out of it, parrot!” Aidrian shouts from the other side of the cottage, his British accent making each word short and clipped.

“I’m a macaw shifter!” Omar yells back, his guttural voice sounding more like vibrations through the walls than clear words.

Sighing, I trace nonsensical symbols onto the icy glass window, looking out at the endless amounts of snow trapping us inside. I was born in Brazil, then moved to Los Angeles as a child, so this whole freezing, cold, wet thing that Scotland has going on is getting old fast. Technically, I could use magic to get us out, but explaining that to the human locals would be difficult.

“A macaw is a parrot, you ingrate!” Aidrian counters, and there’s the sound of several heavy books being dropped. That’s probably bad.

Because nothing irritates him more, Omar responds in perfect imitation of Aidrian’s voice, “Whatever you say, warlock.”

“You arsehole. That’s a slur, and you know it!”

There’s a hard slam of a door being closed, then opened, then closed again… then something glass and probably expensive hitting the stone floor.

“Ah, the sweet sounds of domesticity,” Kaito teases, his words dripping with sarcasm.

He leans against the doorframe to my room, hands stuffed into the pockets of his dress slacks. Even when he attempts casual, he looks at least two levels of overdressed-- probably because he’s several decades older than his early twenty-ish looks imply.

I drop my feet from the small window seat and shift my body to face him. Sighing, I run a hand through my mess of black hair, my thick curls also not a fan of the wet and cold, then mutter, “I’m considering making them mute for at least twenty-four hours.”

He smiles. “Then they’d just get to the fist fight and throwing things portion faster.”

“Which is why I’m up here,” I grumble. “Sorry you were snowed in here with us.”

“It beats being trapped with a nest of females and the madam trying to marry me off,” he chuckles ruefully. Being from everywhere and nowhere, Kaito’s voice has a smooth, flowing quality that I could listen to for hours. “Honestly, those two should have sex and get it over with.”

I snort. “I don’t think they swing that way.”

“Pity.” His smile shifts to a suggestive smirk, those full lips promising untold pleasures. “Speaking of, the twins have a surprise for you downstairs.”

“Sex?” I laugh, getting up to walk over to him.

“I do hope so,” he purrs.

His hooded eyes watch me approach, and when I’m close enough, he lightly runs his fingers from my neck along my bare shoulder, tracing the lines of the Celtic style tattoo exposed by my oversized grey sweater.

I have full sleeve tattoos on both arms, intricate patterns made of knots and swirls that give the impression of flowing rivers and crashing waves that peak into two stylized seals, one resting under each collarbone. Except they’re not really seals… they’re selkies. One representing each twin, and they more magically appeared one morning with the side effect of binding my soul to theirs, than because I had a real need for some ink.

Cascading shivers follow after Kaito’s fingertips, and he continues down my arm until he can lace our fingers together, then gently tugs me to follow.

Like his voice, he has a fluid quality to his gait as he leads me down the hall, his lean body shown to advantage in a white button up shirt and black V-necked cardigan. And those slacks are doing all kinds of good things for that tight ass of his.

“So what’s the surprise, really?” I ask, following him down the back staircase.

He shrugs, pieces of his thick, shiny black hair falling into his dark brown eyes. “I don’t know past something they’d hoped would cheer you up.”

“Which made you immediately think of sex,” I tease.

This earns me a grin. “Always cheers me up.”

“You’re incorrigible,” I laugh, rolling my eyes,

When we reach the bottom of the steps, he takes me into his arms, my stockinged feet resting on top of his. His scent is deeply masculine, a sharp scent of ginger mixed with the earthy musk of green things, which causes a low flip in my belly.

“No, I simply enjoy life’s pleasures wherever I can find them,” he murmurs, before placing a soft kiss on the sensitive flesh behind my ear. “Something you should consider more, Yara.”

My skin grows warm from his nearness, and I release a fluttery gasp.

Kaito came to me as the twins’ lover, but this isn't the first time he’s shown interest in me. I don’t know if it’s because the twins are now a part of me and he doesn’t want to lose them, or for my own sake, but I’m starting to wonder if it matters. He’s hot, rumored to have skillful hands, and it’d ease the twins’ uneasiness over having a lover besides me-- even though I’ve told them multiple times it’s okay.

“Would you be one of these life’s pleasures?” I ask, looking into his eyes.

His hands slide down my back, then cup my ass through my black leggings. He pulls my hips up against his, and I can feel his thick cock already growing hard in his pants. He leans down until our lips are only centimeters apart, and I can feel his words on my lips, “Yes. One you’ll forever regret missing.”

“Little presumptuous don’t you think?” I reply, my nose subtly brushing against his.

Sensing my change of heart, his gaze drops to my mouth, while he slowly licks his lips. “I assure you, there’s nothing little about me.”

“That so?” I purr, ready to lose the fight that’s had me resisting him.

Heat builds inside me, as Kaito continues to play with almost kissing me, his mouth so close I can feel the wet heat of his breaths. His hands patiently work their way under my sweater, his fingers making a slow sweep up my spine. A pleased hum vibrates from his chest when he discovers I’m not wearing a bra.

I lean forward, lifting on my toes and wrapping my arms around his neck, but he pulls back, keeping those frustrating centimeters between us. The tension builds into a needy ache-- and his arrogant smile indicates he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Finally, he kisses me, gently kneading my bottom lip with his teeth, then sweeping his tongue along the abused flesh. His hands graze down my ribs, his thumbs skimming the undersides of my breasts. Now we’re getting somewhere!

My heart pounds wildly in my ears, and I press further into his hands, desperate to feel more of him. It must show in my eyes, because when he pulls away, that knowing smile grows.

“We should probably find out what that surprise is, hmm?” he murmurs.

“You can’t be serious,” I answer-- shocked, annoyed… and horny. Really horny.

He grins, and it’s not quite as handsome anymore. “I’m sure they worked very hard on it.” This is said with a bump of his hips, in case I forgot his enormous, and currently unutilized, erection.

Oh wonderful. He loves puns.

“You’re evil. You know that, right?” I grumble.

“Were you expecting me to strip you down and take you here on the stairs?” Kaito asks with an amused quirk of his brow. “Perhaps, lifting you up onto that banister, and while you desperately clung to me, I fucked you until you went limp with pleasure in my arms.”

With his hot hands still underneath my sweater and that mental picture running through my head, I nod vigorously. “Yeah. I’m really okay with that plan.”

Excitement shoots through me when he kisses me again. It’s a deep, searching kiss that has us both intimately familiar with each other’s dental work, and I can feel it in every part of my body.

When it ends and I’m gasping for air, he whispers, “Good to know,” then the bastard puts me down, takes my hand, and continues leading me to the twins’ surprise.

I’m going to kill him. No, wait! Fuck him first, then depending how he does, maybe kill him. Merda, I’m vicious when sexually frustrated.

We reach the closed pocket doors that lead into the sitting room and Kaito knocks, clearly entertained by the whole process. “I’ve retrieved your mistress as requested.”

“Please don’t encourage them,” I mutter.

My… courtship?... with the twins is complicated. Surprise soul binding will do that, and they’ve started calling me ‘Mistress’ due to a complicated power hierarchy bullshit. Beats when they were calling me ‘Ancient One.’ Long story, but suffice to say, being twenty-one, last thing I want to be called is ‘Ancient.’

There’re quick shuffling noises, then in stereo, the twins shout, “Come in!”

I have no idea what to expect, so I’m blown away when I slide the doors open and find Coire and Firth standing side by side in a Christmas wonderland, wearing silly Santa hats, matching flannel shirts, and jeans that show everything to advantage.

The twins are identical in nearly every way: over six feet tall, muscular, sharp featured, with ash brown hair and soulful indigo eyes. Their main difference is their full sleeve tattoos that match mine. Coire’s is on his right arm and Firth’s is on his left. Since the day they were born, they were two sides of the same coin. A ying and yang, forever bound together, destined to share everything-- including their future bride-- i.e. me.

There’s a welcoming fire burning in the hearth with stockings hung from the mantel, a real tree decorated in soft white lights and handmade ornaments, and strategically placed around the room are lit candles wrapped with wreaths of pine and holly. Instead of feeling trapped, the blanket of snow visible through the bay window now adds to the cozy atmosphere they’ve created.

“Merry Christmas,” they cheer, walking over.

“Aw. The hats are covering the wrong heads,” Kaito teases with a salacious smile, eliciting a cheeky grin from Coire and a full body blush from Firth.

Firth offers up a quiet smile and adjusts his glasses. “We knew ye were-- ye seemed to be a bit upset being away from your mam for the holidays, and uh, this being our first Christmas wi’ ye…”

“We thought starting some new Christmas traditions wi’ us might cheer ye up,” Coire finishes, wrapping an arm around his struggling brother.

My heart aches over the sweet gesture, and I have to blink back tears. With a wet laugh, I ask, “What did you have in mind?”

Firth’s blush deepens, while Coire, looking pleased with himself, points up. Hanging from the door frame is a sprig of mistletoe with tiny gold bells.

“I’ve always admired this particular tradition,” Kaito comments from behind me. He tilts my head back at an angle, then with his hand lightly clasping my throat, kisses me.

It’s a slow kiss, and I hum with pleasure as his tongue slips past my lips, searching the wet contours of my mouth. Each stroke is a well-orchestrated move, teasing me while encouraging my tongue to follow back into his mouth. He tastes of sweet water and mint, and my whole mouth tingles.

When he finishes, I’m left breathless, and the twins look pleasantly intrigued.

“Yara’s decided to enjoy some new experiences, particularly what it’s like to be pleasured by a vampire,” Kaito informs them. “Care to share in her enlightenment? I can’t think of a better holiday tradition.”

Excitement dances in Coire’s eyes, as he draws me flush against him, the scent of tumultuous seas and the winds of distant shores teasing my nose.

“Would ye enjoy that, Mistress?” he asks with a wicked smirk. “D’ye want the three of us to pleasure ye?”

At the mere suggestion, everything tightens inside me, and I want to rip off their clothes. Why was I fighting this, again?

I nod, then clear my throat. “Um, yes… that sounds great.”

Wow. What a smooth way to agree to a foursome.

Coire doesn’t seem to mind my awkward answer, instead picking me up, his Santa hat falling from his head, and carrying me into the room with my legs wrapped around his waist. He places me on the well-worn couch that’s adjacent to the tree, and sits to my right, looking like he’s too excited to know where to begin.

Kaito brushes a light kiss against Firth’s lips. “Why don’t you three get started, while I go retrieve supplies?”

Wide eyed, he nods and bites his lip, looking at me to see if this is truly what I want. Firth is the gentlest soul I’ve ever known, and I open my arms to him in invitation. He gives me his sweet smile again, the one that always makes my heart ache with love, and walks into my embrace.

Firth sits to my left, and I steal the hat from his head, tossing it over the couch. He laughs with surprise, but quickly sobers when I slip the zero prescription glasses from his eyes and hand them to Coire. “You don’t need to wear these. Don’t hide your face from me.”

He nods fractionally, searching my pale blue eyes. I cup his face between my hands, enjoying the sharp planes of his jaw and the rough texture of his sexy stubble. Whereas his brother is tumultuous seas, Firth smells of calm rivers warmed by the late afternoon sun.

His gaze grows heated when I lean forward. I savor the moment of his lips millimeters from mine, his hot breath feathering against my skin, before I claim his mouth. He moans as I run my tongue along his full bottom lip then suck it into my mouth.

Coire brushes my hair away from my neck and pulls the stretched collar of my sweater down as far as possible with clear sounds of ripping threads, exposing my shoulder and most of my right breast. He trails soft kisses up my chest, along my clavicle, to the sweet spot where my neck and shoulder meet. I gasp when his kisses turn to love bites, and his hand slides up my thigh, discovering through the sticky fabric of my leggings how fucking hot I am for them. For all of this.

“So wet for us,” he breathes.

With a single finger, he strokes through my folds, rubbing the seam against my clit. It feels so good my head falls back, and I rock my hips into his touch, wanting more.

Firth nibbles on my earlobe while sliding his hand under my sweater. He groans when his hand reaches my exposed breast. Palming it, he pinches my nipple between his thumb and forefinger; the sensation just on the right side of pain and pleasure.

“Excellent,” Kaito purrs, walking into the room with lube and a box of condoms. He kneels before me, placing the items near our feet and, while pulling my stockings off, murmurs, “I believe your mistress is wearing far too much clothing. Wouldn’t you agree?”

The twins wholeheartedly concur, because I’m quickly helped out of my sweater, and their hot mouths immediately trail from my tattooed skin to my waiting nipples. Their wet tongues roll around the aching peaks, before teasing them between their teeth.

I bury my hands in their hair, the strands soft between my fingers, and release a soft moan. Already drowning in desire, I swallow heavily, glancing over at the still very open doors then at Kaito.

He gives me a dark smile, hands sliding up my legs, and suggests, “Let them watch. Maybe they’ll learn there are far better ways to spend a snowy afternoon than arguing.”

A shiver of excitement dances through me at the sheer naughtiness of being caught by Omar and Aidrian. Will it arouse them to see the twins and Kaito fuck me? Will they touch themselves? Will they join us?

“Well, I’m not the only one overdressed,” I accuse, while Kaito slips my leggings and soaked, silk panties off.

“And we can’t have that,” Kaito replies with a suggestive purr that I feel everywhere.

All three of them begin shedding their clothes, and I’m overloaded with male perfection. Gorgeous faces, hard sculpted muscles accented with tattoos-- Kaito having an Asian inspired dragon that climbs over his hip and ends nestled between the sharp lines of his Adonis belt-- and big hands that know what they’re doing. Then when they drop their pants, three massive cocks spring free.

Coire returns to my right, and Firth my left, favoring the sides where our markings match, and Kaito kneels before me. I take each of the twins’ long cocks into my hands, and they moan, eyes drooping with lust, as I run slow, tight strokes over the mushroomed heads and thick shafts, spreading their generous amounts of precum.

“You’re so beautiful,” Firth whispers, looking at me with awe-- gently running the tips of his fingers down my throat. He kisses me with reverence and soft exploration, as if he can’t believe he’s allowed to touch me this way.

“So damn beautiful,” Coire echoes, drawing my face away from his brother. His chest rises and falls with labored breaths, and he kisses me with such ferocity, a harsh claim made with tongues and teeth, that my lips are left swollen and bruised.

My heart stutters over the sincerity and naked adoration in their voices. Their tone implies a beauty that has little to do with my physical appearance, and everything with the souls we now share.

Kaito slides my legs over his shoulders, and kisses his way up my inner thigh. My eyes nearly roll into the back of my head, when I feel his hot breath against my aching core.

He murmurs, “You smell so sweet. I imagine you taste even better. Do you want me to taste you, Yara? Do you want me to lick your sweet pussy until you come in my mouth?”

“Yes,” I hiss, as the twins resume their sucking and teasing of my breasts, followed by, “Oh fuck” when Kaito parts me with his fingers and makes a slow, sensuous sweep of my wetness with his tongue.

“Like honey in my mouth,” he croons against me, then tilting his head back, murmurs, “Don’t you agree, Coire?”

Coire pulls away from my breast to lick my juices from his lover’s mouth.

“Better,” he replies, nipping at Kaito’s lip.

“She liked that,” Kaito comments with an audible smile, when he returns to his ministrations between my legs, adding, “She’s nearly dripping,” before lapping up my arousal.

I moan, arching my back and bucking my hips, when he slips two fingers inside me, and his clever tongue finds my clit, running tight, slow circles around the sensitive bundle of nerves.

When my thighs begin to quiver, he places one hand on my pelvis, his thumb stroking my clit, and replaces his fingers with his tongue, pressing deep into my pussy. I sink my hips toward his face, desperate to have him in me as far as possible.

“Get on your knees,” I order the twins, needing to taste them as Kaito tastes me.

They do as they’re told, looking confused, until I take Firth into my mouth.

“Oh, Mistress,” he sighs, as I lick a long trail up his shaft before swirling my tongue along the slit and sensitive head, while I pleasure Coire with my hand.

After a few moments, I swap. They each fondle and tease one of my breasts, while their other hands slip in and out of my hair, cradling my head while I suck them off.

Desire builds inside me, and I climb higher and higher towards oblivion, consumed with the flooding sensations.

“Come for us, Mistress. We want to look into your eyes as ye come,” Coire encourages, before growling, “then we’ll fuck ye until ye can’t stand.”

I moan loudly around his cock, teetering on the knife’s edge of release. Sensing how close I am, Kaito sucks my clit into his mouth, slides three fingers into my dripping pussy, and then presses his pinkie against my ass until it barely breaches.

That’s all it takes to throw me over the edge. I cry out in ecstasy, shaking with a full body orgasm, and the twins kiss and pet me, while I make my journey back down to earth.

“Now for the main event,” Kaito purrs, licking his lips and savoring the taste of me on his tongue. “Straddle Firth. Let his fat cock fill that wonderfully wet cunt of yours.”

“Demanding aren’t we?” I tease, secretly enjoying someone else making the decisions, and do as he asks, bracing my hands on Firth’s strong shoulders.

“Experienced,” he croons, reaching for one of the condoms.

He tears the gold wrapper with his teeth, slides the lubricated rubber down Firth’s cock, then teases the head along my slick folds, before leading it into my waiting pussy.

Slowly, I take him into me, enjoying the glorious way Firth stretches me to take in his exceptional girth. He shudders once he’s completely inside, my vaginal walls already milking his flesh from the aftershocks of my orgasm.

“Does she feel good?” Kaito inquires, kissing up Firth’s neck then sucking on his earlobe. “Tell her how good she feels.”

He groans, gripping my hips, and swallows heavily, stammering, “She... ye... feel amazin’. So tight and... warm.”

Coire kneels behind me, kissing my shoulder. There’s a sharp click, followed by his hand sliding down the cleft of my ass, his lubricated fingers tracing my puckered entrance.

“D’ye want my brother and I to fuck ye at the same time?” he asks, his breath hot against my skin. He presses one long finger into me, causing my whole body to quiver under the exquisitely naughty sensation. He pumps it slowly in and out, then adds a second finger, before whispering, “Would that please ye?”

God damn, it’s really dirty when he says it like that.

“Answer him, Yara,” Kaito commands with a wicked grin. “Do you want your ass pounded by Coire’s fat cock, while Firth claims that needy pussy of yours?”

“Yes,” I moan, feeling shattered, split in two from the sharp heat of their explicit words and the enveloping warmth of their intense desire for me.

“Aye, as ye wish,” Coire hums seductively.

Firth holds me steady, his hands grabbing my ass-- keeping me open and accessible to his brother’s eager cock.

“Dinna worry,” Coire encourages when I hear the crackle of foil. “I’ll take ye nice and slow.”

I can’t help the widening of my eyes or the animalistic moan ripped from my throat as the crown of Coire’s cock enters my body. He’s so much bigger than the two fingers he used before, and I’m already stretched wide with Firth inside of me. But the hot pain is quickly replaced with an unimaginable pleasure as each slick inch of him plunges deeper inside me.

Firth bites his lower lip, his brows pucker, and his hips follow the pace Coire sets. I watch the rippled pleasure take over his face, hear the heavy pants of Coire behind me, and I’m filled with feminine satisfaction. Together we seek our pleasure, tied together through my body.

Kaito sits to Firth’s left and licks a long trail up his neck. “May I taste you?” he murmurs gently in his ear.

Firth nods, his lust weighted eyes nothing but slits of indigo.

“Thank you.”

Long needle like fangs slide over Kaito’s incisors, and he bites into the soft flesh of Firth’s neck.

Both twins release a guttural groan, the intense pleasure of the vampire’s bite shared between them, and their thrusts pick up speed-- Firth’s expression painted in pure bliss.

Kaito doesn’t feed for long, licking his lover clean and sealing the puncture wounds. With one hunger quenched, he gets to his knees and seeks out my lips with his demanding mouth. His tongue tangles with my own and tastes of warm copper.

“Ready for a third?” he pants, pulling away to sit on the back of the couch. He cups the side of my face, leading me to his firmly erect cock that’s glistening with precum “Take me all the way into your mouth, and I’ll fuck your throat. How’s that?”

Lust burns through me like a wildfire, and I answer by leaning forward. After a lick and swirl around the head, I take as much of him as I can into my mouth; several inches remaining when he hits the back of my throat. I bob my head up and down the length of him, while Firth reaches up with his left hand to stroke the remaining inches.

Kaito watches the display with hums of pleasure, his hand a light guide at the back of my head. It’s incredibly sexy and raunchy to feel his gaze on me while my lips are pulled tight around his impressive length, the taste of precum thick and salty on my tongue.

“That’s so fucking hot,” Coire groans, fingers digging hard into my flesh, as he pounds me harder. “Swallow him. I want to see your throat bulge around his cock.”

Firth’s eyes widen with excitement, when after taking a few deep breaths, I rush forward and swallow immediately when I feel Kaito press against the back of my throat. He palms my neck, massaging Kaito’s cock while my throat constricts around it.

“Yes,” Kaito hisses, holding my head steady. “Just like that.”

Together, they impale me from all sides onto their enormous cocks, and I can’t do much more than keep my mouth wide, take deep breaths when possible, and moan. I’ve never felt so deliciously full; my muffled cries rivaling porn stars.

Just thinking of them all inside me at the same time leaves me in a perpetual state of arousal-- my pussy, ass, and mouth stretched to their limits around the three men’s massive shafts-- and it causes my juices to flow and drip down my thighs.

Sweat drenches our bodies, pooling and sticking our skin together, and the hard sound of flesh slapping against flesh is buried under the chorus of our moans of pleasure. It’s the most mind-blowing, intense feeling of my life.

“Fuck, ye feel so good,” Coire pants. His hand slides from my hip down to my clit, stroking me in time to their thrusts. “D’ye like it, Mistress? D’ye like being stuffed wi’ three fat cocks?”

Gasping for air, Kaito falls from my lips, and I scream, “Oh, fuck-- oh, shit-- yes!”

My muscles clench around the twins-- the extraordinary overload of stimulation coiling through my body. Right now, I don’t care who can hear me or what happens next, as long as they don’t stop.

I reach for Kaito’s cock and draw it between Firth’s and my mouth. He licks his lips, drips of precum painting his mouth, and kisses me around the expansive girth between us.

Kaito releases a shuddered breath, burying his hands in our hair, and rocks his hips between our waiting mouths.

Curses come in low groans from all three as my body milks their flesh and their thrusts grow harder, deeper, and faster. Their sculpted arms, chest, and abs glisten with exertion-- the firelight dancing on their skin.

Coire leans down to my exposed throat and sucks the flesh into his hot, wet mouth, eliciting a harsh moan from me, and with each powerful thrust, Firth’s slick muscular chest brushes against my sensitive nipples.

“That’s it, Mistress,” Coire breathes against my skin. “Take us. Take all of us. Ride us until ye fucking come all over our cocks buried deep in your sweet body.”

It’s too much in the best way. The mental images spelled out with their words while every erogenous zone of my body is stimulated, causes my body to stiffen and tremor with waves and waves of overwhelming sensations. I dissolve into fits of nonsensical cursing broken with sharp demands for “more” and “harder” and “Don’t fucking stop,” while Firth and I trade sucking on Kaito’s huge cock.

Together we climb, each thrust dragging us further to the top, until I leap over, my body seizing tight around them. A low bestial moan tears from my mouth following the ecstasy of my climax, sparks of pleasure rippling through my body, leaving me gasping and quivering.

Kaito is the next to follow and when he tries to pull away, I take a deep breath through my nose and swallow his cock hard, milking him until his hot cum shoots down my throat.

“Shit,” he hisses, as I take every drop he offers. Still semi hard, he slips from my mouth, and collapses next to us.

With a few pounding thrusts, the twins press tight against my flesh and come hard, growling their releases with teeth sunk into my skin.

The world slowly comes back into focus, and I fall limp between the twins, exhausted from my second orgasm. Firth gives me a slow, lazy kiss, while Coire traces soft butterfly brushes of his lips along my shoulder.

A satisfied smile pulls at my mouth, and I run my fingers along Kaito’s firm chest.

“You may live,” I murmur.

His brows shoot up with a mixture of surprise and amusement. “I didn’t know that was in question, but thank you.”

“Leaving a powerful witch sexually frustrated is never a good idea for one’s health,” I tease, my hand trailing down to the dragon on his hip.

He leans up to brush a kiss against my lips. “Duly noted… Mistress.”

I lightly smack his well-defined abs and groan, “Not you too.”

“Mmmm,” he hums, grinning, then nips at my bottom lip. “If you try that again a little lower, I’ll call you Mistress forever.”

“Incorrigible,” I sigh, dropping my head against Firth’s shoulder.

I shiver when an aftershock from my orgasm causes my whole body to tense. The twins gasp and shudder with me, as my muscles constrict around their all too sensitive cocks that are still buried within me.

“This a tradition worth keeping?” Coire breathes, smiling against my skin.

“Definitely not one we can do when my mother is around,” I giggle, feeling warm and happy with the three men.

“And perhaps next time with the door closed,” Aidrian growls.

Oops. He sounds mad.

I look over my shoulder and find Omar standing next to him in the doorway. Both of them have their arms crossed over their expansive chests and hard glints in their eyes. I press my lips tight together to keep from laughing. Based on the raging hard-ons they have in their pants, they’re not so much mad… as frustrated. Extremely frustrated.

“Now why would we do that?” Kaito croons, stretching and completely at ease in his nakedness. “Did you not enjoy the show? Perhaps next time you should consider being an active participant? Much better way to spend an afternoon.”

“Surprise,” I chuckle, and bite my bottom lip, a gesture both follow with their eyes.

While Firth pulls me against him, as if to protect my nakedness from those who aren’t properly appreciating it, Coire slaps my ass and cheers, “Best Christmas tradition ever!”

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