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  • Why are you working on books that aren't The Bound Spirit Series? Are you going to finish the series?
    There are few reasons I decided to write books that aren't part of the Bound Spirit Series. First, no matter how much I love Callie and the guys, every once in a while I have to change it up. Second, new books outside of the series also give new readers a jumping in point to my writing. Third, there are a lot of people that won't read/buy unfinished series, so new stand-alones and/or shorter series mean more sales. More sales means I keep getting to write full time. Yes, I will finish The Bound Spirit Series. How quickly will be dictated by how much of my life I can dedicate to writing. Want to help? Review my books on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Recommend them to others. Or if you're in the financial position, help support me on my Patreon. ( Each month there is new Bound Spirit Series content! Thank you for any and all support.
  • When is the next Bound Spirit book coming out?
    Kindred Spirit: Book Five of The Bound Spirit Series release is slated for 2024, but if you'd like to see a preview of the next book, along with other exclusive content join my Patreon: If you'd like regular updates as well as interact with yours truly, please join my Facebook group: The Bound Spirit Coven.
  • How many books are expected in The Bound Spirit Series?
    Currently, there’s 10 books planned for this story arc, with the potential for one offs continuing Callie and the boys’ tale and spin offs following new characters in the Bound Spirit universe. The series will also evolve from the young adult genre to new adult.
  • Is The Bound Spirit Series a reverse harem and what does that mean?
    The Bound Spirit Series is a western style reverse harem, which means eventually, Callie will be in a polyamorous relationship with all of the guys. #whychoose.
  • Will your books be released as audio books?
    Yes! Currently, Bound Spirit and Free Spirit are available as audiobooks on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. There were issues in production that delayed Save Spirit and Lost Spirit. I'm still working on them, but right now they're TBA.
  • Where did the blog go?
    Originally, I posted NSFW content on my blog. However, all old and new extra content has been moved to my Patreon:
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