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Donovan POV: Nolan gives Donovan a "special" birthday present.

Warning: Explicit m/m sexual content below. Recommended for readers 18+

POV from Save Spirit, the evening everyone is in Arizona.



Sitting on the bed in one of the three penthouse’s bedrooms, I eye the edge of the dagger I now keep sheathed in my boot. Could be better, I decide before making another pass with the sharpening stone. It’s been a few hours since Callie collapsed after obliterating the house that was her personal hell. Despite Mildred’s assurances that Callie is fine and just needs rest, the waiting is killing me. I’ve never really been a patient guy.

“Well, don’t you look all dark and brooding,” Nolan murmurs in my ear, startling me so bad I nearly fuck up the edge of my blade.

God damn vampires. Too often they can be underestimated since they don’t heal as fast as shifters, aren’t as physically strong as nephilim, or have the ability to control the elements like witches. But they don’t need all that when the bastards can sneak up on someone with their blinding speed. Then all it takes is one bite or honeyed word and you’ll willingly follow their asses off a cliff or let them bleed you dry. All with a grin plastered across your dumb face.

I look over my shoulder up at Nolan, and he flashes me a teasing smile while lazily leaning against my back. His hands slip over my chest, feeling me up through my tank undershirt. And some vampires don’t even need that much. One smile can have you doing things that no sane person should.

“Got a lot on my mind,” I answer, shrugging him off under the guise of sheathing my dagger.

I hate that Letti keeps fucking with my head-- or more accurately, my mind is fucked because I keep seeing Letti-- and it’s twisting my thoughts to places they wouldn’t normally go. Mostly, she appears at the edge of my line of sight-- whispering and taunting me-- and she looks so much like Nolan that in my nightmares I’m decapitating him instead of the demon that wore his sister’s face. Now, as we look for answers to save Felix, the guilt inside of me grows until I’m nearly choking on it. Every day it seems Callie learns some new ability that should be impossible, and it forces my thoughts into a loop. If I had captured Letti instead of killing her, would Callie have been able to save her soul?

Nolan watches me slide the dagger underneath my pillow before tossing my sharpening stone into my open duffel. “Little extreme don’t you think?”

“Not anymore,” I reply, disliking how serious I sound.

Nolan and I don’t do serious. We joke. We distract. We tease how far we can go without fucking. But we don’t talk about real shit. We’re both fucked up. No reason to state the obvious.

Moving around the bed to stand in front of me, he sighs and shakes his head. “Brooding doesn’t suit you.”

“You’re right,” I agree, forcing my lips into a cocky smirk. “Have any better ideas?”

“Just so happens, I do,” he purrs and takes off his well-worn Led Zeppelin shirt before tugging my shirt off too.

Leaning back onto my hands, I admire the sensuous grace of Nolan’s lean, toned body as he straddles my lap. With his pale, cold skin, it’s obvious he’s hungry, but it’s the darkening of his arctic blue eyes that tells me it’s more than just needing to feed. His predator is in control and wants to play. It’s a dangerous game that can be a Russian roulette on whether I make it out alive. Sane people would be afraid, but not me. No, for me, it’s a goddamn turn on.

“I know how much you like sharp things,” he continues, his hand sliding up my bare chest into my hair. He suggestively parts his lips so I can watch his fangs slip over his incisors. “For your birthday, thought you’d enjoy a round with your favorite pair.”

“My favorite pair, hmm?” I tease, because I can’t make it too easy. That’s not how the game is played.

Nolan’s hand tightens in my hair, and my scalp stings when he pulls sharply, twisting my head back and to the side. At this angle, my jugular is left exposed and is an inviting treat for a hungry vampire.

“Among other things,” he answers, making sure I can feel the edge of his fangs as he licks up my neck. Unlike his cold skin, his breath is hot when he ponders to himself against my ear, “But where to bite?” He laughs. “And how many times?”

Tipping my head further back, I meet his gaze without fear. Beyond the promise of pain along with pleasure, there’s a desperation that doesn’t belong. His platinum blonde hair is a mess like he ran his fingers through it too many times, there’s a wild edge to his expression, and a need that goes deeper than play. There’s hunger, and then there’s barely holding it together.

Worry creeps in, and despite knowing better, I can’t leave it alone. Keeping my tone arrogant as ever to hide I’m breaking the unspoken rules, I ask, “This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that you’re as pale as the damn sheets, and Callie decimated an entire house, would it?”

Glaring at me, he sits back with a sigh, and I double down, looking as relaxed as he looks annoyed. “I haven’t fed in three weeks,” he grumbles, retracting his fangs, “and I haven’t had any action outside of my hand in over a month and a half. I’m hungry and horny. Now, do you want your birthday blowjob or not?”

What the hell? Usually he looks ready to bleed a person dry if he goes more than 10 days, and why is he going for so long without feeding?

“Three weeks?” I question, grabbing his chin to hold his face still while I examine him more closely. “I thought you were feeding from Callie.”

Did you find out about all that Callie is capable of and freak out? No, if that was the case, Callie would’ve told me… except we weren’t talking. Shit. The only other time I know of that he went this long without feeding was right after Felix died, and the idiot looked like he was wasting away. He is fucking pale, darker circles under his eyes, and his face might be a little leaner, but otherwise, he looks physically okay. What the hell is going on?

While I’m having my fucking inner monologue like an idiot, Nolan wraps his hand around my wrist so tight the bones flex. In response, I press my thumb harder against his chin, subtly drawing his bottom lip downward. For the most part, Nolan is the one in control, but his baser, darker self sometimes needs to be reminded that I’m not some dumbfuck human. I can give as good as I get.

His eyes heat under the challenge, which makes me even harder because, of course, it fucking does. I really do have a death wish.

“Felix caught us last time,” Nolan states bluntly. At first I think he means him and me, but then I remember I asked about Callie. “He freaked. Haven’t fed since. Whatever the fuck is in her blood has kept me together longer than normal, but I don’t have a whole fucking lot of time left.”

I’m forced to release his face when he shoves me onto my back. He climbs up my body and looms over me, his knees bracketing my hips while his hands hold up his weight on either side of my head. “Yes or no?”

And I’ve done my due diligence of giving a fuck.

“Yes,” I answer with a smirk while visually appreciating what he has to offer.

For reasons I don’t want to think too hard about, I’ve gone just as long as he has. The last time I had any action was when he blew me in his car back in early October.

“Fucking, finally,” Nolan mutters, sitting back on his heels. “Now, where the hell was I? I swear, this is the last fucking time I try to seduce your ass.”

“Don’t know why you bother. I’m easy,” I reply, a teasing smile pulling at the corner of my mouth.

That’s not completely true, considering I was in a foul mood when he came in, but had he opened with, ‘I’m hungry and horny. Let’s fuck,’ I’d have probably been too distracted to ask questions. Might’ve been a little disappointed without the actual fucking, but a guy can forgive a lot after coming.

Folding my hands behind my head, I remind him where we were before I attempted to assess his mental stability. “You were at how many times you plan to bite me.”

“Right,” Nolan murmurs, his gaze skimming down my body with a wicked twitch to his lips-- a promise of punishment for interrupting the game. “For the twenty questions, I’m thinking at least twice.” His fingers start between my pecs and trail downward, tracing along the sculpted muscles of my abs, before hooking over the button of my jeans. While slowly licking his lips, as if to signal he plans to savor this meal, he tugs my pants lower until the waistband is a couple inches away from the base of my cock. “Right here.”

His hot breath whispers down my body as he takes his time moving to the floor between my splayed knees. Using his human teeth, he bites and sucks on the flesh of my lower abdomen hard enough to leave marks, causing me to shudder in response.

I like pain. The giving and the taking. Not in a tie me up and whip me kind of way-- that’s a death wish for anyone that tries-- but the pain that comes from need. Bruises, bite marks, bloody scratches down my back, sore muscles I’ll feel for days, and ringing in my ears from the other person screaming to fuck them harder. That’s the pain I like. That’s pain that makes a person feel alive. Doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be ground rules.

“Watch how close those teeth get to my dick,” I warn, though it comes out more of a moan as Nolan runs his hand down my throbbing cock that’s still trapped down my pant leg.

Please be too horny to drag this shit out. Then I remember that I broke the unspoken rules of the game. Fuck, he’s going to tease the shit out of me.

After unbuttoning my pants, he slowly draws down my zipper, nipping and licking at the exposed skin. Shit, he’s going to eat me alive before he even gets his fangs in me. When he reaches the fabric of my boxer briefs, he sucks on the shaft of my cock through the fabric while his hand slips down my pant leg.

I mash my lips together to swallow a moan as he fondles the head, rubbing the precum, soaked fabric against the sensitive flesh.

“Already excited, I see,” Nolan purrs, pulling on my jeans so his lips can continue their journey down my straining hard-on.

Sitting up on my elbows so that I can glare at him, I growl through gritted teeth, “It’s been a while.”

“A while, hmm?” he hums, his breath hot through the fabric of my underwear. Leaning his head against my knee, he meets my gaze as he tongues the tip of my dick. It twitches in response. “It’s unlike you to go so long pent up.”

“I could say the same for you, Pot,” I reply with a raised brow, trying to keep my cool while my body is begging to move this shit along.

“Shut up, Kettle,” Nolan snarls. His eyes narrow, not appreciating being called out, and he sits up so he can tug my pants and boxer briefs down to my ankles. The edge of wildness and desperation vibrates around him-- provoked to the surface by even the hint of her. We’re abstaining for the same damn reason that neither of us want to acknowledge. A pretty blonde that is steel wrapped in silk. She can drive a man crazy with a single look into her haunting grey eyes. What he and I are doing now is different. It’s transnational. He needs blood, and me getting off afterwards helps with the aftereffects of the venom. Yeah, the lines have started to blur since Felix died, but he isn’t a random hookup. For the first time, that distinction matters.

With dark promise in his eyes, Nolan once again lets his fangs descend over his incisors before running his tongue along a raised vein that runs from my groin along my inner thigh. A tingling sensation follows in its wake.

Lazily stroking my cock, he murmurs against my skin, “Remember to be quiet unless you want all our friends to hear you.” Fuck.


Pleasure can sound a lot like pain when you’re trying to swallow it, and by the fourth bite on my inner thigh, I have nearly bloody teeth marks on my knuckles from trying to stay quiet-- my other hand fisted in the blankets. While Nolan drinks his fill, my mind is wiped clean and my body is a live wire-- the vampire venom making me so sensitive that I’m trembling simply by the feeling of his hot breath against my flesh. As my connection to reality begins to fray, his hand never stops stroking me in slow even motions, dribbling precum making his hand slick. With all my inhibitions gone, it’s only pride that keeps me from begging him to go faster. To put his mouth on me. Anything to relieve this painful need for release.

“You’re a fucking sadist,” I seethe through clenched teeth when he finishes feeding, my blood painting his suggestive grin.

“Next time you won’t ask so many questions,” he taunts, retracting his fangs, but not bothering to clean his mouth or my thigh.

Excess blood drips down my leg, staining my jeans that are wrapped around my ankles. The darker side of him is still in control, and, apparently, he wants this shit messy.

Any smartass retort I have dies on my lips when he runs his tongue up the length of my cock and then sucks the head fully into his mouth. Groaning, my eyes droop closed from the indescribable pleasure, and I add another layer of teeth marks to my abused knuckles. My heartbeat throbs all the way down to the tips of my toes that are currently digging into the carpet.

Fucking finally!

Leaning up on one elbow, I watch Nolan’s head bob up and down, slurping, sucking and licking as he goes. One of his hands follows his lips, stroking the rest of my shaft that won’t make it all the way in without choking him, while the other cups and teases my balls. If it’s even possible, I’m more turned on by watching him-- his cheeks hollowing as he feeds my cock deeper into the wet heat of his mouth.

Pleasure builds inside me, zipping through my veins and snaking through my limbs with each flick and swirl of his tongue. Since the third bite, I’ve been in a constant state of edging, and I groan--excited to finally get some kind of release.

Feeling my gaze, he looks up at me-- his eyes hot and wicked-- and runs the tip of my dick along the soft lining of his cheek before letting it fall from his lips.

No, you son of a bitch! I was close! “You’re so fucking high right now, you’d let me do anything I wanted to you,” he observes, his voice low and smooth. The hand cupping my balls runs back until the tips of his fingers brush against my asshole, causing my leg muscles to flex and my lower body to twitch from the unfamiliar sensation. “Even fuck you.”

“Like I’d let you top me,” I grind out through labored breaths, shivering against the waves of overwhelming stimulation. Despite us barely starting, I feel like I’ve neared my limit of control. Not that I’d admit it. “You’re welcome to ride me any time you want, though.”

There’s no filter from my hormone riddled brain and my mouth-- the offer out there before I can consider possible ramifications of full on fucking one of my best friends. Let alone doing it in a hotel penthouse filled with the people I’d least like to be caught by. Well, mostly… Heat burns across my skin as the thought of a threeway with Callie flashes in my head. My mouth waters wondering what she tastes like.

Nolan rises to his feet between my splayed thighs, gaze sharp as he leans over me. He tries to hold his teasing, unaffected expression, but I’ve shocked the predator back into its cage, leaving him vulnerable and shaking with his own desire. His breath is hot against my ear as he whispers, “What makes you think you’re in any position to top me?”

What little control I have left snaps, and I answer by tipping my head to the side to capture and tease one of his his erect nipples between my teeth. My hands slide down his sides-- his skin slightly tacky from sweat-- and dip under the waistband of his jeans to grab his ass. I squeeze hard enough to leave bruises, reminding him with raw strength alone, I could pin him to the bed in less than a second.

“Christ,” he hisses, bowing over my head, one hand digging into my shoulder, while the other tugs hard on my hair. When I move to unzip his pants, he adds in a strangled voice, “You can’t be serious.”

“You were the one that brought up fucking,” I challenge, glancing up at him while pushing his black, boxer briefs down with his jeans. His dick springs free, hard and glistening with leaking precum.

“To tease you,” he gasps, his knees braced on either side of my hips when I pull him into my lap.

Gripping both our cocks together in my one hand, his flesh scorching against my own, I whisper in his ear, “Consider me teased.”

Nolan’s eyes widen and now it’s his turn to cover his mouth to keep from crying out, while I jerk us both with one hand. My other hand dips into the valley of his ass, fingers seeking to stroke him the same way he momentarily stroked me. His hips roll forward, pressing into me when I find the right spot.

Clearly fighting against the urge to sit back against my fingers, he buries his face against my neck and claws at my back. “Are you out of your mind?”

“Probably,” I reply, my entire body nothing but untethered need. Every part of me is still hyper sensitive, but I can’t seem to get enough of the painful pleasure of his flesh against mine. “If you wanted self control, you probably should’ve stopped a couple bites ago.”

“You’ve never fucked a guy before,” he reasons, the words broken by panting breaths, as he reaches one hand down to lace with mine to create a tight circle around our cocks. It feels so good I unconsciously start to thrust into our joined hands.

“Fucking is fucking,” I grunt, illustrating my point by taking my hand from his ass long enough to suck on two fingers, before returning and slipping a single finger inside.

His whole face collapses-- brows pulled low, eyes squeezed shut, and lips pressed into a hard line-- as he swallows the moan building inside him, ever aware of the potential listening ears. Knowing Nolan, despite how completely fucked we would be if we’re caught, the idea probably only turns him on more. Like a man possessed, his hips rock back and forth. He presses my finger deeper inside him before thrusting his dick hard against mine. When I add another finger, a breathless “yes” slips from between his teeth.

I don’t know if it’s my own haunting concerns twisted in on themselves because of the multiple bites, but I’m driven with the desire to touch him everywhere-- to confirm with my own hands that he is alive and whole-- while also wanting to mark him with bruising reminders of how pissed I am that he was almost killed less than a month ago.

With my hands busy, I revert to my mouth, kissing along his neck, the crux of his shoulder, and down his chest, switching between sucking and biting. His heated skin tastes salty on my tongue, and the scent of sweat, lust, and Nolan’s peppery cologne fills my nose. I’m drunk on all the different sensations of Nolan filling my senses-- his scent, his taste, the sounds of his muffled moans in my ear, and the feel of his smooth, toned body rubbing against mine.

Our joined hands grow slicker as we thrust together, fighting for release, but this isn’t enough for me. Just the warm up. Starting to scissor my fingers, his tight hot ring squeezing around my knuckles, I imagine the same sensations around my cock. It’s been too long since I’ve felt anything like it.

I’m well hung-- it’s not bragging if it’s true-- and two fingers aren’t going to cut it. While going through a mental list of things commonly found in hotel bathrooms that I can use for lube, I extract the hand I have wrapped around our dicks and attempt to add one of my cum covered fingers to my other two.

Realizing I’m not kidding, Nolan pants, “We’re not going to fuck,” at the same time he pushes his ass harder against my fingers.

“You sure about that?” I murmur against his ear. “Seems to me you’re enjoying getting finger fucked right now. You keep moaning every time I stretch you more.” Brushing my lips along his jaw, I add, “There’s a condom in my wallet. Pounding your ass against the wall seems like a real nice birthday present.”

“That’s because you’re high as fuck on vampire bite,” he reasons, sounding frustrated. With one hand braced on my shoulder, he uses the other to continue to stroke us-- picking up speed as he gets closer to his own release.

It feels good. Real good. But his ass will feel even better. Continuing to finger him-- pressing in as deep as I can with each stroke-- I counter, “When has that stopped us before?”

“This time…” He swallows heavily while his whole body starts to shiver and spasm in my arms. “Is...different. T-t-trust me.”

For a moment I don’t say anything, amused that for once, the tease is at my mercy. Continuing to massage his prostate, I watch him come closer to unraveling. His face is flushed, eyes screwed shut, and he bites his lip to keep silent. With his back arched, his chest is pressed to mine, our bodies rubbing together with every rock of his hips. When his knees start to shake and his ass clamps down hard on my fingers-- a breath away from coming-- I pull my hands away and rest them on his splayed thighs.

“You fucking prick!” he hisses against my neck. His breathing is raspy gasps-- sounding as if he’s about to pass out.

“Seems kind of unfair for you to come first on my birthday,” I taunt, feeling his muscles quake underneath my touch. A bead of sweat drips down his neck and I catch it with my tongue. “Next time you consider teasing me with sex, remember, I offered and you turned me down.”

He shivers. “You’ll thank me later.”

“Considering I’m horny enough to go at it all night, you better do something now that I’ll want to thank you for,” I growl, my fingers digging into his flesh.

With the promise that the unspoken rules of the game will be upheld-- get as close to fucking without actually doing it-- Nolan’s desperation turns sly. Extracting himself, he rises from my lap and whispers, “I have an idea. Lay down on the bed.”

His silken voice has me immediately moving-- laying on my back with my feet nearly dangling off the foot of the queen sized bed. I’m so fucking desperate for him, I don’t care what I look like.

Back in control, Nolan straddles my hips with his back facing me. Smirking over his shoulder, he suggests, “How about you finger fuck me while I choke on your cock?”

“Like that, did you?” I reply with an amused quirk of my lips.

Nolan slips a hand between my thighs. “I can show you why.”

“Keep your fingers out of my ass,” I warn even as my body bows under the pleasure of his hand on me.

“Your loss,” he purrs, arching his back.

“Says the guy that just turned down sex,” I muse, while loosely gripping his waist.

His response is to squeeze my cock hard enough that I yelp in surprise, before he finally gets down to business. With hands braced on either side of me, he slowly slides his ass back while leaning forward, the tip of his hardened cock making a damp trail from my belly up to my chest.

I grip the globes of his ass with both hands and spread him wide, leaving him exposed to my view. My thumb brushes his puckered hole, already wet and pink from my fingers, and he shivers. It’s not just my touch. It’s the fact that I can see everything-- no part of him is hidden from me-- that is driving him crazy. Before he can get his mouth around my dick, I lick him from taint to asshole.

His legs clench around my ribs, and he moans, “Fuck. Yes. More.”

“Yes, fuck you more with my tongue?” I question with humor, nipping at his ass cheek.

“Yes, you bastard,” he begs, leaning into my grip. “Fuck me with your fingers and tongue until I come.”

“Then you better get to work,” I purr against his burning skin, then commence sloppily rimming him, using my thumbs to part him wide enough to tongue him inside and out.

Nolan does as promised, skipping over teasing and licking, to full on swallow my cock. The feeling of his throat constricting around me feels amazing, and I thrust to meet his lips. Unable to grab his hair so I can full on skull fuck him, I focus on seeing which one of us breaks first.

Once his ass is well lubed with saliva, I push two thick fingers inside him searching for the spot that marks his prostate. I know when I find it, because Nolan’s fingers claw my outer thighs while he moans around my dick. The vibrations feel so fucking good, my eyes roll into the back of my head.

While one hand is busy fingering him, I use the other to feed his dick into my mouth, teasing around the head, before taking all of it. He squirms under my ministrations, his body spasming from being over stimulated.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he breaths into my groin, then sucks one my balls into his mouth while he vigorously strokes me with his hand.

By this point, Nolan has blown me enough times to know what I like. After sucking on both balls, he uses his hand to press them hard against me, just on the right sign of pain, and goes back to using his mouth to drive me crazy. He tongues the slit, swirls around the head, then sucks my dick down until his lips meet my pelvis. This angle is a little different and increases stimulation with his breath and nose against my sack and his long fingers pressing against my taint. My heart pounds in my ears and I can’t seem to get enough air in my lungs.

I’ve been close to coming for so long that I can feel my release quickly start to climb through my limbs, locking up my muscles while pleasure builds inside me. I want to come so fucking bad, but I don’t want to come alone.

Redoubling my efforts, I add a third finger to his ass, thrusting them in and out faster, while I slurp on his cock, matching my motions to the way he rocks his hips back into my face. It comes to the point where it could be argued that I’m less fucking him and more he’s fucking himself using my fingers and mouth.

“Your fingers are so thick,” he praises, while licking my shaft like a fucking lollipop. “It feels so fucking good.”

Letting his dick fall from my lips, I start jerking him off and murmur, “Show me how good.”

“Shit… shit… I’m going to come,” he announces in a desperate whimper, then wraps his mouth around my cock to muffle his moans.

“Fuck, just like that,” I breathe, thrusting faster and harder into his awaiting mouth.

It’s questionable which one of us comes first, only that it doesn't take long until he's drinking down my cum while spurting his own all over my chest. Nolan collapses on top of me, sweat and cum sticking us together. I’m too weak to care, riding the wave of my hard earned climax. For a couple minutes we lie like this, shaking and shivering at different intervals as aftershocks quake through us. His dick throbs and twitches pressed against my chest, while mine lays heavily against my thigh.

“Four bites might be too many,” Nolan comments, resting his head against my hip while running his fingers along the bruises that line my inner thigh.

“You think?” I huff, smacking his ass to get him off me even though part of me wants him to never move. Could do without the clingy bullshit side effect of the fucking bite.

He rolls off me and gets up. Eyeing the mess we’ve made of ourselves and the bed, he mutters, “I’ll get us a couple of towels.”

After peeking into the bathroom that is shared with the master suite, he disappears behind the door. I don’t bother to move as I wait, quietly listening to the slosh of running water. It takes a few minutes for him to come back, but when he does, he’s clean and has a damp towel in his hand which he plops down on my chest. The white towel discolors as I wipe off the blood, semen, and sweat from my skin.

“I can’t believe you fucking bit me,” Nolan grumbles, running his hand over the bruised mark near his left nipple.

“You started it,” I counter, keeping to myself that he has a similar mark on his ass.

He pulls out a pair of black sweats and matching tank, and while putting his clothes on, he mutters, “Yeah, but I kept mine to where the others won’t see, asshole.”

“Are you pouting?” I laugh, moving to the side of the bed so I can start putting my jeans back on.

“No,” he huffs, finger combing his hair back. “It’s just… common fucking courtesy.”

“Uh huh,” I hum, getting up to walk over to him. My hands slide down his sides then up the back of his shirt, and I start to grow hard again. “I’ve had a few of your bites very visible. Difference is, unlike mine, everyone will know where yours came from.”

“Fucker,” he grunts but doesn’t move away from me.

Guess we cleaned up too soon.

Right before we can consider round two, there’s an earth shattering wail from downstairs, and it’s like ice shooting through my veins. Our eyes lock, and the same panic I feel is etched across Nolan’s face.

“Callie,” we whisper in unison before barreling out the door.

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